Paul O’Leary: Trouble on the Farm

This is Paul’s story from when he arrived in Melbourne from Broome. No sooner are his family back at Glenroy, than his mother finds work in Sunbury, in the north-west. It’s too far to commute every day so Paul’s family is going to live on a sheep farm. The first troubleshot is Lassie chasing the sheep. Harry employs a dog whisperer to help them out. The second troubleshot is getting to school as there’s a busy road to cross. The third troubleshot is they only have one car so have to organise themselves for school, shopping and the Scouts. The fourth troubleshot and conflict of the story is Paul’s inability to read his Kindle. He’s too tired from doing all his chores like bringing in the wood. He keeps falling asleep every time he lays down. The fifth troubleshot is they only have an enclosed wood heater to heat the house. The sixth troubleshot is a a bushfire and how Paul helps out to save his grandparent’s house.

And there’s comprehension questions and answers.


Review by Marion Lovato:

This next edition of Paul’s adventures…is another enjoyable book. I really like the way the author depicts the family working together, (and) not only in good times.

Training Lassie so Grandpa won’t get mad at her for chasing the sheep; keeping watch while fire threatens their homes; adjusting to life on a farm are all examples of this.

Paul still has his dreams which are very vivid and colorful. Many good examples of behavior and values are provided for boys around the age of 12. I also liked learning some of the history of the area where Paul and his family are living.


Review by MA:

This book is very dynamic. It shows Michael’s innate gift as a writer as he captures that dynamism taking the reader onboard as he himself moves. 

Every sentence in this book sets off a spark of readiness, as though we are on a perpetual caravan journey