Come with Paul on a trip to 6 countries, including Cuba and its Spanish history. In Paris he frets about missing his mother in the Louvre. In Ireland he finds the first of the two wells at Kildare and Glendalough and he has a dream about Druids. In Wales there’s another well, this time like a star and it has healing properties like Lourdes. In England he visits Sherwood Forest and has a dream about being Robin Hood who is chased by the Sheriff. He imagines what it would be like in King Arthur’s time at Glastonbury and he witnesses modern day Druids doing a ceremony at Stonehenge. Last but not least is London where he goes to the usual tourist places.  Historical fiction meets modern day travel seen through the eyes of a 13 year old boy.



Review by Larak Jhampa:

You may read this book in two ways: as a fictional story on travel and adventure, or as an informative travel guide. Whichever way you go, you are going to find it both entertaining and worth your money. I read it…as I was interested (in) Cuba,  France, United Kingdom…and I was not disappointed in the least. 

If you pay close attention, you will also get some little tidbits and insights about the culture and society of these countries, again something that is not readily available in most tour guides.

Eg. Paul flying around the Eiffel Tower like a bat then meeting up with Quasimodo at Notre Dame.

Review by MA:

If I had to write a travel book, it would not have been half as interesting as this, as he describes his travels to Havana and Europe – London, Paris. The moment I opened this book, I felt I was already in my favourite haunts, walking through those great museums, and fascinating places as I joined Michael on his travels. I felt I was re-reading the same tale as he did, taking me through The Tale of Two Cities. I felt the same pulsation and excitement as he felt in the middle of the night just thinking of those adventures. Alas! I have been able to revisit those places through this book and inhale the same air as though I were here in person.