Most common questions about surviving emotional abuse…and the answers for men

Chapter 1.Introduction, Chapter 2.Unsatisfactory Relationships, Chapter 3 Confrontations, Chapter 4 Signs of Abuse, Chapter 5 Mindset, Marriage and Relationships, Chapter 6 Healthy Relationships, Chapter 7 Staying in a Healthy Relationship, Chapter 8 Forgiveness, Chapter 9 Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Chapter 10 Solutions, Bibliography

Chapter 1 Introduction

Anger: When we were small we expressed anger because we were tired, hungry or wet. Anger can be a good thing as it helps us to fight or flee a perceived attack. Thus we have a trigger, our interpretation of the trigger and our body’s response. I will refer to your partner or friend as feminine and if you are in a same-sex relationship, change it to masculine. Our partner’s/friend’s behavior can be changed. Her thoughts and beliefs can be changed. The bodily component can be changed. The triggers can be shown.

Questions: What is happening just before the abuse occurs? Where is it happening? How is it happening? When is it happening? Why is it happening? That is what this book is about. You will be asked questions which may or may not relate to you every time. We will look at anger, abuse, harassment and whether they are related…

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Review by Masi Nouu

In this day and age, unfortunately…emotional abuse in relationships has become more rampant and commonplace than ever. (Dates are) not as bad as living day and night with someone who abuses you physically and mentally, and continue living with that person year after year. …(doing) so takes a toll on their mental health and dims their self-esteem. 

…There are not many books which focus on men – books which focus on a cuckolded husband. Suggestions are given on how you, as a male, can cope, using a questionnaire.

If you are facing emotional abuse regularly from your partner but don’t know what to do about it, then this book offers you some simple tips and techniques on how to get out of such an emotionally abusive relationship…

Highly commended for all men, those who are already in abusive relationships as well as those who are looking for a partner…

5 stars

Review by Joey Kaye:


“This is a great read. It grabbed me from the start to the finish as it’s discusses and explains different contexts of emotional abuse and progressively gives practical, sustainable solutions. I found this really interesting. Not only is this book helpful for those that are aware that they are subject to emotional abuse, but also to those that may not realise that they are. Also, it is a really interesting read from a neutral perspective for those that are not experiencing any emotional abuse because it is educational and principles can be applied to other walks of life and be used to identify any friends or family that may need support and how to provide it. I would definitely recommend it.”