Confessions of a nanny in space

Republished on Amazon Sep 17

From her days as a teenage nanny to her foray in  a convent after meeting a lesbian, Sharlene is looking to find her sexuality.

This is a sanitised version on Amazon a novella for $2.95.

A prepaid ebook (PDF) for $5 is also available. Email Michael for an invoice and EFT details.

Join Sharlene on the beach and at church as she tries to reconcile her sexuality and “being a good Catholic girl”. So long as she doesn’t get pregnant. She is looking for some vanilla BDSM in the convent but realises she’s in love with a workmate. She also has adventures with a safe word and ends up in space having her body experimented on.


Review by MA.

This book …is gripping from the outset for describing the beach and all that happens here. The plot follows through the mindset of a Catholic girl with no impure thoughts at this point.

However…as the story progresses, she is exposed to every impurity that there is. 

Keeping her virginity becomes a challenge as the sexual tension of deflowering ensues. …I leave it to the reader to find out if she will come undone in the final chase. And even if she does, then how.

Michael has penned down a sensuous story of an individual who doesn’t know who she is until the end when experience teaches her a few things about life and how it works.